Roland Digital Snake S-4000S-3208

Roland Digital Snake S-4000S-3208
  • Roland Digital Snake S-4000S-3208
  • Roland Digital Snake S-4000S-3208

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Sản phẩm đã ngừng bán

S-4000S-3208 là đầu cáp line gồm 32in/8out, chuyển tín hiệu âm thanh analog thành digital, gửi tín hiệu cho loa Monitor , sân khấu, các khu vực âm thanh khác nhau, hỗ trợ cáp mạng CAT5E,6E đến 100 mét.

Bộ Pre được tái tạo tương đương với SSL (solid state logic), tự động nhận diện micro dynamic mà không làm hỏng micro trên những kênh có phantom +48v.

Mã sản phẩm

- 32 Mic/Line Inputs and 8 +4 Line Level Outputs provide professional quality source and return audio

- Source audio can be split to many locations using a standard Ethernet gigabit Switch

- High quality XR-1 mic preamps provide superb sound with lots of headroom

- Zipperless remote control of preamp levels available using S-4000R from stage or FOH positions

- Mic preamps on stage and digital audio transmission system eliminate the loss of high frequencies and intelligibility found in analog cabling

- Mic/Line level eliminates need for direct boxes on stage

- Redundant Ethernet ports with rugged Neutrik Ethercon connectors offer seamless switching to backup cable with no loss of audio

- Optional S-240P power supply switches automatically with no loss of audio in case of power supply interruption

- Modular design allows Input and Output modules to be changed for different system configurations



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