Midas Venice F24

Midas Venice F24
  • Midas Venice F24

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VeniceF is much more than a compact live audio console. VeniceF is the platform for a completely integrated audio mixing, recording and processing package - thanks to its FireWire* digital audio interface which is capable of supporting up to 32 x 32 channels of high-quality, 24-bit audio.
Here at MIDAS, we know what it takes to design and build live sound consoles for the world’s most demanding tours and installations. One look at the VeniceF confirms that this console continues the legacy established by the groundbreaking XL3 and XL4 consoles, and consolidated in the industry-leading Heritage series.
The hybrid VeniceF bridges the gap between analogue and digital audio consoles, and offers the user the ease-of-use, warmth, feel and zero-latency of analogue, combined with the power, choice and flexibility of outboard digital processing. Specifically designed for live sound, the superb audio performance, and the addition of the FireWire digital audio interface means that the VeniceF is equally at home in recording and mixdown applications.
Many manufacturers cut quality when they design small mixers. At MIDAS, we understand that a modest footprint doesn’t have to mean compromised performance and a poor feature set. The VeniceF embodies quality, from its rugged construction and top-of-the-range components to the unmistakable MIDAS sound, which makes VeniceF a truly professional audio console.
From the VeniceF’s horizontal fader panel, through the class-leading parametric EQ filters, to the latest expression of that legendary MIDAS mic preamp, this is a console without compromise.

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Venice F24
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VeniceF’s FireWire interface can be used with any computer fitted with a 1394 port and is effectively a multichannel digital audio link. This interface connects directly to your computer and allows the use of third party audio processing software in conjunction with the console. Applications include multi-track recording from the VeniceF's digital direct outputs, software-generated FX processors driven from aux sends or direct outputs, and your favourite plugins inserted on input channel FireWire send/returns. All with a heart of pure MIDAS.

A/D and D/A conversion is achieved using techniques and advanced filter designs developed for the industry-leading MIDAS XL8 digital mixing system. This ensures that the conversion process is transparent and free from any undesirable digital artifacts – preserving that unmistakable MIDAS sound right into the digital domain.

- Up to a 32 x 32 channel FireWire interface
- Allows the use of third-party plugins
- Industry leading A/D and D/A conversion


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