Inter-m SB-18AK

Inter-m SB-18AK
  • Inter-m SB-18AK

Tổng quan

SB Series là dòng loa SUB chắc chắn, hiệu suất cao, công suất mạnh mẽ sử dụng cùng với series SE và SQ

Khung Woofer đúc bằng nhôm cứng, chịu nhiệt cao 15” (SB-15) và 18” (SB-18) được đóng khung bằng thùng có kiểu dáng tối ưu làm bằng ván ép bột chất lượng cao để giảm cộng hưởng âm bên trongdensity plywood enclosure.

Vỏ trang bị hốc gắn cột rộng 35mm

Mã sản phẩm

Loa Sub Woofer tích hợp

Driver đầu ra cao cung cấp dải tần động của công suất đầu ra cao kể cả xuống vực trầm cực thấp, thùng loa làm từ gỗ cây bulô cao cấp chuẩn 15T của Bắc Âu. Integrated System of extended low range is on tap by attaching Hall-Cup on the upper part and pole stand on top of Full-range speaker of Inter-M. Plus, it furnishes stability in long working hour as the front panel of enclosure is made with steal grill. There is a hand grill on each side of left/right side for better and more comfortable use when installing or moving. There are two speaker connectors installed on the rear panel to directly connect with other speakers.


High Quality Driver

CSB-K Series driver possesses the top class quality and high durability. It retains credibility by passing rigid 8-hour-test which

is stricter than 2-hour-test of ordinary standard of foreign made speaker.


Solid Enclosure - VOID FREE

High-quality speaker depends on selection of wood and manufacturing method. CSQ-K Series uses Northern premium grade 15T birch plywood to avoid interior resonance due to empty space between the plywood. Enclosure made with rigidly selected wood and CNC precision processing maximizes durability and minimizes leakage of sound.


Enclosure Design with Sound Engineering

It is designed to play dynamic bass even in super-low range and minimizes interval of sound by Baffle attached to cover sound wave coming from the front and rear panel. Also, it produces powerful sound by using high-density sound-absorbing materials to block interior resonance and absorb unnecessary energy.


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